Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom Furniture


A bedroom should be sanctuary away from the rest of the house where you can relax in peaceful and pleasant surroundings. If this sounds like heaven to you, use our essential guide as the first step to getting your bedroom furniture just right.

The bed
The clue is in the name that most people's bedrooms are dominated by beds. We spend on average a third of our time sleeping so it's important that this part of your bedroom furniture is just right. Whether you fancy a four poster bedstead, a sleigh bed or a divan and mattress set with plenty of drawer space underneath our Buyer's Guide to Beds will help you make in informed choice.

The rest
Once you have your ideal
bed you can concentrate on the rest of your bedroom furniture and put together everything you need for when you're not asleep!...

Headboards are the perfect piece in the bedroom furniture jigsaw as they offer the opportunity to update your bedroom quickly and easily. If you have a divan style bed then it will not have a permanent headboard attached. All you need to know is the size of your bed and any headboard of a corresponding size should fit. Our Buyer's Guide to Headboards will show you the way to headboard heaven.

If ever there was a versatile addition to the bedroom it's the wardrobe. Available in a range of sizes and with the option of additional storage elements such as drawers and shelves, a beautiful wardrobe will make choosing an outfit a joy rather than a chore. From the traditional pine wardrobe with panelled doors and cute bun feet to modern designs with highly contemporary finishes such as high gloss wardrobes and striking dark wood wardrobes, there is a world of choice. If you need a little more help narrowing down your options read our Buyer's Guide to Wardrobes.

Dressing table

One of the main things we do in our bedrooms is get ready to go out. One of our dressing tables can help you keep everything you need in one place. A dressing table with drawers will ensure the top surface can be kept free of clutter and separate nail varnishes from hair brushes! If space is at a premium, these drawers can be used as extra storage for clothes, especially smaller items such as underwear. A single pedestal dressing table will typically have 3 or 4 drawers under one side and are great for combining storage with a compact design. If space is less of an issue, a double pedestal dressing table will offer two sets of drawers with a 'knee hole' in the middle so that you can sit nearer the table top. Many dressing tables are part of a whole bedroom furniture range so matching mirrors, stools other items can also be purchased to complete the look.

Chest of drawers
A tireless trooper in the bedroom battle, a well placed chest of drawers will house big and small items with the minimum of fuss. Numerous widths, heights and drawer combinations are available, so there really is something available for every bedroom. If you have a small bedroom, look for compact furniture. A narrow yet tall chest of drawers, for example, will provide extra storage without taking up valuable floor space. Another space saving solution is to invest in a larger chest of drawers that is wide and low. This can double up as a dressing table thanks to the ample top surface.

Bedside tables
Home of the alarm clock, bedtime reading matter and cup of tea, the bedside table is an invaluable furniture item in any bedroom. Despite its unassuming demeanour and the fact that it's regularly overshadowed by the bed it sits beside, the right bedside table can actually enhance the look of a bed and add valuable storage space at the same time. Most bedside tables will feature drawers, shelves or a closed cupboard section, which offer the perfect opportunity to clear the area around your bed of clutter and make the whole space more conducive to relaxing.

Bedroom furniture sets
If you fall in love with a particular bedroom furniture range from our vast selection, or if you need some guidance on furniture combinations, our bedroom furniture sets include everything you need to update the whole room in a flash. They are also the savvy choice as the set price offers a big saving over buying pieces the range individually.

The last word: style
Don't forget that as well as being practical your bedroom has to look good otherwise you won't want to spend any time in it. So, once you know which types of bedroom furniture you are going for you need to think about the style of room you want to create. If you're inspired by the girly boudoir look go for
white painted and French style bedroom furniture. These can be made more dramatic by teaming them with bold paints and wallpaper or for a romantic look choose soft pastels and floaty fabrics. For a shaker style bedroom, think Little House on the Prairie and go for solid pine bedroom furniture with turned details such as a decorative headboards and footboards and combine with clean white walls and cool blue accents. Of course there are many more styles out there and the room sets shots featured on many of our bedroom furniture items will help you visualise your ideal bedroom.