Coffee Tables

Coffee Tables


Striking centrepiece of a designer living room or home for remotes, magazines and mugs?

There's no wrong answer to this question but if you're looking to buy a coffee table it's the first thing you should consider. The space in and style of your living room and the rest of your living room furniture should also be taken into account. If this all seems too much to think about, let our buyer's guide to coffee tables show you the way.

Form over function
There are many beautiful coffee tables out there that resemble works of art on their own right. If you have a minimal living room and wouldn't dream of putting your feet up on your coffee table you may consider making this piece of furniture into a feature.
Glass coffee tables can be found made from one piece of shaped glass, which offers a clean, fluid look that is sculptural yet organic in its effect. Equally stunning are combinations of glass and metal on coffee tables, which can be modern or traditional in style.

Storage coffee tables
When you've spent time and effort decorating your living room and hunting out the perfect sofa to relax on you may think your room is finished. Don't undo all this hard work by leaving your living room at the mercy of the dreaded clutter! There are plenty of great looking coffee tables with drawers that will kill two interior design birds with one perfectly formed stone.

Shapely curves
If you thought you knew what a
traditional coffee table should look like, think again. There are a range of shapes and styles to choose from so you can combine a finish that fits your existing décor, such as oak or a stunning dark wood, with a design such as a square coffee table, round coffee table or even an oval coffee table. Or, if you prefer something more substantial, we have plenty of rectangular coffee tables too.

The last word: style
If you fancy something a bit different but are not sure where to start looking how about one of these popular styles:

  • The rustic Farmhouse look is an endearing style whose popularity never wanes. Choose chunky, antiqued pine and oak coffee tables.
  • French style furniture has a romantic elegance that makes any room look grown up. Look for painted or polished woods to create the look of a French style coffee table.
  • A high gloss coffee table in black or white will add a thoroughly modern injection to any living room.
  • If all else fails, trusty oak coffee tables will always be around as oak has a timeless versatility that works equally as well in contemporary and traditional settings.